A Whole Lot on Net Neutrality, A View of the End of Civilization, and Some Happier Things

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Today was a big day in the fight for Net Neutrality. It was another big push to fill the public comment boxes at the FCC with our very solid desire that the Internet remain open and accessible, regardless of what company gets it to your screen. Cable companies and phone companies (like Comcast and Verizon) […]

Another weekend, another bunch of stuff to alleviate stress

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Why, yes, you continue to get a proliferation of fluff in the feed. But it’s good fluff! At least I think it is. Creative. Witty. So wrong it’s awesome. It’s the stuff that helps alleviate the stress that my life has been lately. But have no fear! There are also some gems of real content in […]

Cultural Perspective, Political Wranglings, a Really Big Hole, and Some Humor

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My brain is feeling particularly fried and unfocused tonight… bit of a busier day at work than expected plus not enough sleep last night leads to that, I guess. So the “additional content” part of the feed is going to be even more lame than it’s been lately. Sorry ’bout that…

Awesomecon Flashback, Modified Mario, Elegance, Ramone-less, and Various Other Bits of Stuff from the Weekend

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The weekend wasn’t anywhere near as productive as it should have been. Sure, I finished off another canceled series or two from my Hulu queue and finally got around to a couple of movies I’ve been meaning to watch for years. Even read things that weren’t being displayed on a screen (I think we call […]

Food, Real Heroes, Diversity in Comics, Movie Trailers, Net Neutrality, and some Randomness

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It was a busy weekend. One that probably should have been busier, as I still didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to. Almost caught up now… almost. My college and my home town have both made the feed recently. The first for being named “geekiest” by (DC) local nerd mecca Think Geek. The second […]