Music, Free Broadband in KC, and Stuffed Animals

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Yeah… very, very busy day today. Likely a very very busy day tomorrow, too. So busy that the feed is really sparse. And, it seems, has ended up being mostly music-related. But there is that bit about Kansas City, MO, setting it up so that, aside from a $300 setup fee, a whole bunch of […]

Lots of Questionable Government Decisions, VR for Chickens, Public Fiber, Vocal Range Ranked, Netflix Glitched, and Why I’m Amazed We Still Any Money in the Bank (Computer Security)

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There’s a lot of stuff in this world that amazes me. Some of it in good ways, some of it in very bad ways. On the list of “bad ways” is how utterly broken our ideas (and implementations) of security are. There’s a good (and terrifying) article about that, focused on computer security, in the […]