Throwback! Comic Bento December 2015

Yes, the first vlog of the new year was shot at the end of the last year.

I needed some time to do other stuff. Like figure out at least a little what I’m doing differently this time around. (I’ll talk a lot more about that in the next vlog.)

But the December Comic Bento is definitely worth talking a little about. It was, without a doubt, the best deal so far from my time with the service.

Here’s what was in the box:

That last one has a $50 cover price. (And it’s gorgeous.)

So, after a few months of being part of the service (even though I have yet to actually read everything that comes in one box before the next one shows up), I can’t recommend Comic Bento enough if you’ve got a love of comics. Or even just some curiosity.

Watch the full unboxing and commentary on today’s vlog.

Don’t forget that you have some say over what goes on for the next 100 days… click the big green button below here to get to the page where you can submit topic suggestions and questions (so I know what kinds of things you want to see go on in these videos).

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