A Matter of Taste

I’ve known for a long time that I’ve had odd tastes in entertainment.

Compared to the sensibilities in my small town, they’re downright weird.

I like horror films and other fantastical genres. I like thinking deeply about those films (and TV shows and stories).

Thing is… I don’t fit in with a good hunk of the rest of the fans of the things I enjoy. I don’t get quite as passionate about things as some. I’m much pickier about others.

This becomes particularly clear when it comes to horror films.

See, I actually like my horror films smart and scary (in general). Sure, I love Evil Dead 2 and thoroughly enjoy some schlock every now and then. But most low-budget horror-comedy? Don’t much care for it.

I was reminded of this when I saw Killer Rack the other night. I chuckled a few times, but mostly I just rolled my eyes and cringed. Other people in the theater enjoyed it a lot more. That’s often the case with these films.

So, reviewing them seems a bit… difficult. I mean, the goal was to make a funny, bad movie… and, as far as most people are concerned, it was, indeed, funny (there’s no question about the “bad” part). Since I don’t care for the style, though, there’s not a lot good I can say about it and everything generally bad I’d have to say is, well, pretty much what everyone else considers “good” in the style.

Which leaves tonight’s review a bit awkward.

So, take it as more of my own opinion than usual. I don’t have a decent enough yardstick for measuring “intentional crap” movies when they make the audience happy. (Which this one most certainly did.)

Anyway, took the night off of the movie fest so I could catch up with some other things (like sleep). I’ll be back out tomorrow night… but I already have tomorrow’s special vlog #25 shot… and should have it ready to go sometime during the day tomorrow.

Here’s tonight’s review… it’s the breast I could do. 😉

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