The Ultimate Family Horror Film

It’s one thing to have a family business where everyone goes and works at the restaurant or retail store or becomes a lawyer and joins the family practice.

It’s another thing to get the whole family involved in a tale of utter psychological terror, where they’re all–including the young daughter–more or less playing themselves.

Luciferous is exactly that other thing. And it’s pretty excellent.

This is the first full-length feature for Mahsa Ghorbankarimi and Alexander Gorelick, but you really wouldn’t know it until right at the end of the film. It’s a slow build to full-steam-ahead terror, but every step of the way it’s a believable story of either supernatural predation or pure mental breakdown.

With everyone playing themselves, the relationship dynamics are believable and what would otherwise be bad dialog reads true to who these “characters” are. It also makes the emotion–like when their daughter goes missing or when Alex is afraid he’s going to hurt his family–more raw and real than what you normally see in a first production on this scale.

Needless to say, this is much more my kind of film than Valley of the Sasquatch was. I’ve been reminded that my taste in horror films is very, very different from most other people who seem to be “fans” of horror. I’m okay with that… as long as I get some good films like this out of the deal.

So, here’s the vlog where I gush a bit over this film. If you get the chance (and you will get the chance, they’ve already got a distribution deal for next year), and you love some deeply dramatic and realistic horror, check this out.

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