Nightmare Code: Still a few Bugs

I back a lot of crowdfunding projects. But I don’t back everything.

Nightmare Code is one of the films I almost backed but, for one reason or another, never quite pulled the trigger on. It did make its goal (and then some), it made the festival circuit (and won some), and got a distribution deal (which is how I finally got around to seeing it).

It really didn’t work for me. Not because it’s bad… I’ve seen much worse films (recently). It’s mostly their style that didn’t work for me. They didn’t utilize their innovative shooting style in a way that really supported what they seemed to be going for. Instead, it was more of a distraction.

At least for me.

You can hit them up at for more info (like where you can check the film out for yourself–and I want you to, if only so we can talk a bit about it). Even if it’s not my cup of tea, I’ve got to give them credit for pulling together a solid production.

You can also watch my full review on today’s vlog.

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