Looking Into Blindspot

Yep, pretty clear that if I want to quickly crank things out, the key is to do reviews or other things like this. Rattled it off pretty quickly, not a lot of editing needed, and it’s a current topic.

Some reviews will also keep for a while, making them great for a safety net.

The evolving plan is to do a few reviews like this every weekend–though usually of movies or things that have a more of a shelf-life than just aired pilots–and I’ll use that to build up a safety net that I can dip into when circumstances keep me from being able to do something brand new any given day.

Oh, and this show I’m reviewing in this vlog? It has a bit of promise. I really enjoyed the pilot and they did a good job of setting things up for at least the first season. We’ll see where else they go with it.

So, check out today’s vlog and let me know what you think about the show (if you’ve seen it).

Don’t forget that you have some say over what goes on for the next 100 days… click the big green button below here to get to the page where you can submit topic suggestions and questions (so I know what kinds of things you want to see go on in these videos).

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