Heroes: Then and Now

Diving back into an old favorite setting is always interesting.

I was a big fan of the original Heroes show when it aired. So much that I stuck with it through the seriously problematic second season and the two uneven seasons that followed that. There were a lot of missed opportunities and missteps.

But that first season… that first season was so solid and so different from most of the other stuff on TV at the time. This was before the explosion of super hero movies on the big screen. Before everyone was doing it. It was risky and it was a big deal for those of us who were into such things.

I’m hoping at least the first season of Heroes: Reborn is like that. So far, I’m happy enough with it to not feel betrayed by the hype. (Though I am a bit annoyed at the hype… and having so much groundwork done in an online set of shorts that I’m sure a lot of people haven’t watched… that’s a problem Lost ran into.)

So, here’s today’s rambling on the show, then and now.

I just finished watching Quantico, so I’m going to go talk about that a little, for tomorrow.

[youtube https://youtu.be/Mb0g7scQECA]

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