Six Years

War [Without End] on Terror[This was originally posted in 2007 on my LiveJournal]

I’ve said it all before.

In summation, we have been destroying ourselves.

No one needs to attack us again. We have done and continue to do more damage to what I consider the heart and soul of the American Ideal, the grand dream this country represented for a very long time.

Our leaders continue to disrespect the memories and destroyed lives of the more than 6,000 people who have passed on our side of the conflict (those in the initial attacks and those who have died on the actual battlefield).

Our blindly “patriotic” and scared countrymen are blind to the forces that influence them.

Our “bold and outspoken” representatives on the other side of the argument continue to be ineffective and dull.

Our “enemy” continues to be poorly defined and, in my opinion, exaggerated to nonsensical levels.

We have been destroying ourselves.

Infinitely more effective for our real enemies. They need do nothing but sit, watch and then come in to sweep up the shattered, withering pieces.

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