A collection of all the "behind the scenes" blog entries for the vlog I'm doing. Of course the videos are also attached.

Home Again, Home Again

Last one of these super quick vlogs, since I was on the road for about six hours today. Most of the last few days have been spent setting up computers for the family. Everything was working when I left… I even managed to remember to bring almost everything home with me. (There’ll be a “Holiday […]

Bustin’ Out

This is my last night back up at the old family homestead. That means I’ll be back to the land of decent Internet connections long before this time tomorrow. (Of course, it also means I’ll have to go to sleep at a decent hour since I have to work on Tuesday.) Just about done setting […]

Tech Conspiracy

Still at the old family homestead with a painfully slow Internet connection… and I’ve spent the day setting up the new computer that I bought for the family… including transferring over a ton of old files from the old machine (which is still running Vista… and I use the term “running” loosely… it’s more like […]

Christmas Today

The slow Internet connection here continues to taunt me. Uploading this video via the DSL network here would have taken over an hour. The infrastructure in this area leaves a bit to be desired. But! It’s Christmas, so I got off to a late start even putting this thing together… because I was busy putting […]

Christmas (Eve) Flashback

I had planned something a little fancier for the Christmas Eve post. Unfortunately, it never got any father than the planning stage. So, instead, you get a wee photo montage of¬†absolutely ancient Christmas pictures from an old family album. Because that’s all I’m going to have time to do before I had to head out […]