Bustin’ Out

This is my last night back up at the old family homestead.

That means I’ll be back to the land of decent Internet connections long before this time tomorrow. (Of course, it also means I’ll have to go to sleep at a decent hour since I have to work on Tuesday.)

Just about done setting up all the stuff on the new computer. Yay! File transfers. (And an older printer, which needed to have drivers and things downloaded… which took forever… because of the low connection speed.)

Also got in a quick game of the Ghostbusters game I backed. Pretty solid mechanics, could use a quick reference sheet, works okay for two players, would be more fun with 4, I’ll know soon how it works single-player (since I want to finish out the campaign).

Other than that, lots of family time and lots of food and stuff.

Also lots of rain.

And just now it’s getting almost seasonable cold.

Anyway, check out today’s vlog for a quick message, mostly just to make sure I don’t miss a day.

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