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Still at the old family homestead with a painfully slow Internet connection… and I’ve spent the day setting up the new computer that I bought for the family… including transferring over a ton of old files from the old machine (which is still running Vista… and I use the term “running” loosely… it’s more like a leisurely saunter). So, another short vlog today, being uploaded late, and only making it online thanks to my phone’s data plan.

Yes, technology continues to conspire against me. Yes, it’s very frustrating. Yes, I will be doing a Star Wars: The Force Awakens review vlog at some point before the end of the year… at least I plan to. (Short version: Go see it as soon as you can.)

Hope everyone’s enjoying their holiday. I’m here for another couple of days before I head south again (back to the land of decent Internet speeds).

Anyway, check out today’s vlog

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