Why Aren’t There More Ghosts?

I still want to hear more of your stories of ghostly (and other odd) encounters.

Yesterday, I talked a bit about different types of ghosts and that lead to the question: Why, if ghosts are dead people, aren’t there a whole lot more ghosts around? In today’s vlog, I propose some ideas on why we’re not constantly running into our deceased relatives.

Really, this whole subject is one of the questions that’s perplexed humans for a really, really long time. Most certainly before people started taking pictures of ghosts (on purpose or accidentally), but the advent of the camera opened up a whole new world for evidence of the afterlife. It also lead to some very creative hoaxes and, eventually, to the expectation of a hoax by default (yay, Photoshop!).

As is the case with UFO research, the plethora of hoaxers and the ease with which some pretty impressive hoax “evidence” can be manufactured is nothing short of a utterly maddening. See, we want to believe… but we know far too well that a lot of people out there just want to make us look foolish. (Even more foolish than some of us are willing to admit we may be.)

It’s really unfortunate.

But, today we just wonder a little about why there aren’t more sightings and pictures of real ghosts. Check it out and let me know what you think.

(Oh, and that picture that’s the background of the promo image today? That’s a shot from the Library of Congress: The Haunted Lane. Photo by Melander & Bro., 1889. I think we can pretty safely say it’s not a real photo of a real ghost.)

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