Tools of the Trade

Every job has equipment that helps get stuff done. For those who investigate the paranormal, things are no different.

Sadly, we’re not talking PKE meters and proton packs. Outside of the movies, we deal with much more mundane tools. In today’s vlog, I talk about some of those.

There are tons of bits of electronics and whatnot that could be used in an investigation. Most of them are repurposed from other professional arenas. Some are newer hybrid devices that combine various functions in ways that are specialized for ghost hunting… it’s kind of grown into its own industry (not a big one, mind you, but an industry none-the-less).

I didn’t mention the more utterly mundane things–like pencils, paper, notebooks, and such–but those are incredibly important. Not just for keeping track of the where and when of your evidence collection, but also to keep other important notes about things you notice. Feelings you have, sounds you hear, flashes of insight or intuition you may have. All that becomes very useful in the follow-up research that goes on in a real investigation.

Have you ever done a ghost hunt? I want to know if you have.

Check out today’s vlog to get my full take on the tech.

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