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My first introduction to the Slenderman was the Marble Hornets YouTube series (which I stumbled across completely randomly). The surreal nature of the “monster” mixed with the at times utterly banal reality of the clips really worked well for me. It was two seasons of episodes before I really had a handle on what was going on, and I use that term loosely as the story in total is gloriously amorphus in the way that urban legends often are.

This movie, Always Watching, was inspired by that YouTube show… which says more than a little about the impact it–and the Slenderman mythology as a whole–has had.

I’ll leave it to the vlog to review the movie and just say that I enjoyed it well enough.

Knowing that it’s Doug Jones in the suit and face-hiding mask is nice. And seeing Alexandra Breckenridge (currently on The Walking Dead) nearly unrecognizable as a redhead hanging out with Jake McDorman (who I was last watching on the quickly cancelled rom-com-sit-com Manhattan Love Story) with Chris Marquette (who, regardless of the tons of other things he’s done, will always be Adam from Joan of Arcadia to me) slowly going absolutely insane was a solid ride.

Definitely check out the history of the Slender Man… possibly the only urban legend we can completely trace the root of. Sadly, the creature has also been blamed for inspiring some real-life horror that’s at least on par with what’s in any movie or show.

If you’re a Marble Hornets fan or a Slender Man fan, let me know… and let me know what you think of this movie. But first, watch the vlog.

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