MERCS Recon Unboxing

Yep, time for another unboxing.

This time around, it’s the first two parts of MERCS Recon from Megacon Games. It’s my first real foray into the MERCS world… I’ve never been big on tabletop war games. But Recon is a little more of a board game. One that uses the same parts as the regular tactical combat game uses, but it’s got all sorts of tiles for office complexes that come along with it.

One of the main reasons I backed this particular game was because it’s one of the few that has a single-player option. While the game can handle up to five players (one for each member of the squad that’s after something in the building), it’s also set up to be played solo. The enemies in the game have rules for moving, with a wee bit of randomness thrown in, and things start out a little differently every time. So, even with solo play, there’s replay value going on. Even more so when you take into account you can set the floor up differently every time.

The minis that come with it are, indeed, in a few parts. I’ll be having to glue things together. That was expected. They have a lot fewer pieces than the Robotech Tactics game I got the first part of last year (those suckers were full-on mini models that I may never get around to putting together). Can’t say I’ll ever get around to painting these.

Overall, I think I’ll be pretty happy with this game.

Check out today’s vlog to hear me go on a bit more about it.

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