Supergirl Done Right

This show got off to a late season start, but it appears to have been worth the wait.

I don’t watch many shows on CBS. Mostly because I can’t do so easily. But I’d been looking forward to Supergirl, it’s another DC Comics property and I’ve found it very interesting to see how the different ones play out on the various networks they’re on (and in the movies).

This time around, we’ve got a “House of El” family member who feels a lot more like classic Superman than Man of Steel did. That alone makes it worth checking out if you can. I’ll likely make the effort to check out the second episode (which dropped this past Monday) on the CBS website.

Mostly, I’m kind of bummed that we won’t get to see Supergirl interact with Arrow or the Flash… or Superman. It’s pretty obvious that this show isn’t set in the same universe as Man of Steel and cross-network cross-overs really don’t happen often enough to count on it.

Check out my ramblings on the whole thing.

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