A Groovy Return to the Evil Dead

There have been a lot of shows this season that are based on movie franchises.

A lot of them, in a word, suck.

They either don’t follow through well with what was set up in the film or they follow through on the weakest aspects of the movie.

Ash vs The Evil Dead is not one of those shows.

If you were a fan of Army of Darkness, you’ll pretty quickly recognize this show’s pedigree.

The only “problem” is: I’m not going to be able to (legally) watch it.

See, it’s on Starz, a cable channel. Since I don’t have cable (for anything other than broadband service… and only then because I really don’t have a choice), so I don’t have Starz. And Starz  doesn’t have a stand alone service like Showtime and HBO do. They also don’t generally put their stuff up on Amazon like AMC does (which is how I watch The Walking Dead). That all means I’m going to have to wait until this show comes out on Netflix in order to see it.

But, from what was in the pilot episode, that’ll be well worth the wait.

And it’s already been picked up for a second season.

Check out my not-quite-fanboy squeeing about it in today’s vlog.

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