More on Thankfulness

Last week, I talked a bit about the similarities and differences among the concepts of being content, being happy, and being thankful.

This week, as we approach Thanksgiving, I’m looking a bit at three more related concepts: Gratefulness, Happiness, and Acceptance.

I won’t ¬†prattle on here, since I’m relatively happy with how it came out in the vlog. But did notice that I left out mentioning one concept.

I talked about the negative spiral and how much trouble that can cause. What I didn’t mention was that there’s also a positive spiral. That may not sound like a bad thing, but it can be. Getting stuck in a positive spiral can blind us to actual problems, either in the situation we’re in or in how we’re dealing with the situation we’re in. That leads to us doing things like justifying someone else’s bad behavior toward us, convincing ourselves that we’re just overreacting to a situation, and, generally twisting reality to be a lot better than it is.

A positive spiral is taking optimism to an extreme that makes it a very bad thing.

So, check out the vlog and set yourself firmly in reality.

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