Jessica Jones: Awesome First Episode

Of all the Marvel properties so far that have found their way to the screen (big or small) as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Jessica Jones is the one I’ve known the least about when it comes to the source material. (The Guardians of the Galaxy team that hit the big screen is a close second… they’re not the Guardians I used to read, but I did know a bunch of the characters from back in the day.)

After just one episode, I’m totally sold on the character. Krysten Ritter is fantastic (as is usually the case) and the feel of the show is wonderfully different from everything else Marvel has done so far. It’s at least as dark as Daredevil (with grand potential to be considerably darker… or, at least, more disturbing) and just as well done.

Yeah, I’ll be binging a bit this weekend it seems.

It’s definitely whetting my appetite for the second season of Daredevil, the promised Luke Cage series, and the maybe-or-maybe-not-happening Iron Fist series. (Not to mention what’ll happen when they all culminate in a Defenders film… which I, personally, hope will also include Doctor Strange.)

If you liked Daredevil, definitely check out Jessica Jones. Heck, if you like good TV, check both of them out (if you haven’t already).

Here, watch me gush a bit over the first episode of the show on today’s vlog.

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