Poking Fun the Right Way

When it comes to TV–and entertainment in general–I tend to have a problem with mean-spiritedness. Sadly, that seems to be the baseline for “comedy” for a while now.

Every now and then, though, something comes along and does a really good job of poking fun at things. Galavant did a good job last season making fun of the musical and fantasy adventure tropes. Now, Scream Queens does that with everything horror.

This is more or less the successor to the classic Scream films (which leads me to wonder a little about the new Scream series I haven’t caught yet) and does a flat-out fantastic job of blending satire, trope-bending, comedy, and utter farce into a murder mystery plot full of characters that are fun to hate and would fit right in to a bunch of films I’ve seen over the years (few of which created such stereotypes–and humor–on purpose).

I held on to this review for a while, since I wanted it to be part of October’s spooky stuff… and it struck me as a good lead-in to talking about horror films in general. I think I’ll do a little of that tomorrow.

For now, though, check out today’s vlog.

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