Time… It Gets Away from You

Really, I had a plan to get more done today.

But… I felt compelled to watch three out of four of the Scream movies last night, starting around 11 p.m. and, well… there went the rest of my day. (Especially considering I had to watch the fourth one, too, just to be complete.)

So now I’m nowhere near as far ahead on things as I’d planned on being. And I still have to figure out how I’m going to do the more complex bits of vlogging that I have ideas for without those getting in the way of the daily schedule. (And without giving into the temptation to buy a whole lot of neat toys to maybe use in the process…)

So, here’s today’s vlog, a quick look at Blood & Oil, a show I’ll definitely be tuning in for the second episode of, but don’t plan on watching regularly.

Don’t forget that you have some say over what goes on for the next 100 days… click the big green button below here to get to the page where you can submit topic suggestions and questions (so I know what kinds of things you want to see go on in these videos).

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