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When it comes to many things I enjoy, the amount of “heart” they have is kind of important.

That basically means that they have some emotional substance, usually positive or, at least, humane. It’s something that makes the show or movie (or music or book or whatever) enjoyable on a deeper level. It’s the whiplash deep belly laugh to near tears that Robin Williams could bring out in movies like Dead Poets Society. Or when the Terminator says “I know now why you cry” in Terminator 2.

It even exists in horror films. A little more rarely, being that horror is mostly about people at their worst and/or most harried, but it still shines through sometimes. The scene between The Monster and the blind Man in Bride of Frankensteinien.

Heart is that moment when something suddenly becomes very, very real. When it crosses the line from just being entertaining to having meaning. At least meaning for you.

What you consider “heart” may just be “sappy” or “trite” or “twee” to someone else. That’s… okay. It’s about your experience with that bit of entertainment. It’s about how that creation interacts with the life forces within you.

The Final Girls is more of a meta-horror film than a straight horror film. It’s at least a horror-comedy… and commentary on the genre. But, as far as I’m concerned, it’s got heart. And, on top of the technically solid nature of the film, that puts it more than a little ahead of a lot of other things out there.

I may gush a little over the flick in today’s vlog.

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