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Another popular monster archetype today. Vampires have been a staple of horror for a really long time. They have changed more than a little in that time, though. I don’t even cover half of those changes, but I do look a bit at what those classic bloodsuckers mean right now.

Well, what they mean when they’re not sparkling and being fawned over by preteens.

After all, we’re talking about horror here, not bad romance.

Running with this one today leaves me in a bit of a bind for tomorrow, seeing as I have no idea when I’ll be back in my apartment. I’ve got an event right after work that usually keeps me entertained until well into the pre-dawn hours of Saturday.

Because of that, you may be getting my first attempt at a phone-shot walk and talk vlog on Friday. One that won’t have a “behind the scenes” component (or a fancy front card) until I get home and write one. We’ll see how that goes. (And we’ll see how busy I end up on Saturday, too… it may be a weekend of ad-hoc video-on-the-go posts.)

Anyway, sink your teeth into today’s bit about vampires.

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