We’ll Have a Few Laughs

“Come out to the coast, we’ll get together, have a few laughs…”

Words spoken by a man who’s traveled across the country to spend the holidays with his ex-wife and daughter. He stopped in at her company Christmas party.

Things went… poorly.

That (kind of) sums up the basic setup for one of my favorite Christmas movies, Die Hard.

I’m not sure everyone realizes it’s a Christmas movie. Let alone that it’a a pretty good Christmas movie (it is, after all, kind of about family and hope and giving just the right gifts and just the right time…).

It’s also one of the best action movies of all times. High bullet count. A suitable number of explosions. More than it’s fare share of quotable bits. One of the best villains ever. And a doggone iconic American action hero in Bruce Willis’ John McClane.

It spawned more than a couple of sequels (only one of those is really even close to being as good as the original) and introduced more than a couple of sayings into the lexicon of the general population.

Plus, it’s good fun.

Watch me go on for a bit about it in today’s vlog.

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