Autoduel Returns: Car Wars Arenas

I’m a bit of a fan of the Mad Max series. And the old video games Road Blasters and Spy Hunter. And all sorts of other things that involve cars with lots of weapons on them.

Back in the 80s, Steve Jackson Games decided to capitalize on that sort of fandom and put out a game called Car Wars. It’s been kind of popular ever since.

I picked up my first Car Wars game back in 1998, just as my time at college was closing out. Because of that, I’ve only been able to play a couple of times and those were just kind of ad hoc skirmishes. No real chance to ever do a regular campaign where I’d make use of the advancement rules.

That didn’t stop me from backing the new Car Wars Arena project when it came up on Kickstarter. It showed up in the mail today… and it rocks.

Here’s a vlog with all the physical stuff that came with that. Now I just need people to play with.


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