For the Love of Costumes

Once upon a time, I thought I’d have a career doing something with movies.

For a while, it was in the special effects department. Inspired, in part, by my love of horror films.

Sadly, that never came to be for numerous reasons. (Not the least of which was the utter difficulty in finding other people locally with similar interests and the “small” fact that most of the special effects resources were in California, where I was not.)

I do, however, still maintain a total love of the craft of creating costumes and creatures. It’s been a few years since I’ve really been “on my game” enough to really indulge, but I’ve surrounded myself with people who are infinitely more ambitious, talented, and hard-working than I am when it comes to such things.

So I live vicariously through them.

(Seriously, check out Stuido CosPlay if you’re in the DC area… this is how dedicated people I know are to this craft as a hobby!)

With Halloween merely one sleep away, I’m lamenting my slacker ways since I’m once again pulling together a costume or two last minute.

In today’s vlog, I ramble on a little about costumes and whatnot.

Oh, and that cover photo? That’s me and my sister, from 1983, in costumes my mother made for us. She’s a lamb. No, I’m not some sort of odd lion. I’m Ookla the Mok from Thundarr the Barbarian. 

Yeah, most people didn’t know what it was then, either… curse my love for the semi-obscure.

Both of those costumes got reused in various forms and parts for years following this picture. Kind of the first foray into modular costuming. 🙂

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