Just a Whole Lot of Stuff

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I meant to update Thursday… and even Friday… but… well… it was a holiday weekend and I figured I’d use it to catch up on things. And by “things”, it turns out I meant all those games I bought during the Steam sale. Because I really didn’t do much else for most of that long […]

Blasts from the Past, Signal Knowledge, Private Police, Big Brother Buzz, and Just Some Darn Funny Stuff

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Today did not start out well. The bus I normally catch to make it to work on time just plain didn’t show up. The second bus on that route–the one that will get me to work just a little late, as long as we don’t hit any long traffic lights–was late. Since that first bus […]

Food, Flood, Flash, Multicolored Things, Zodiac, Twin Peaks, and the Future of the Internet

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Well, it seems like the FCC has decided it’s just going to go ahead and ignore what more knowledgeable people seem to be crying out for. Their decision today seems to lean in favor of letting companies like Comcast charge whatever they want to whoever they want on both sides of the bandwidth transaction. Net […]

Working a Pole, Hoofin’ It, Haunted Island For Sale, Toxic Interpretation, Our Panopticon, Sacred Nature, and a New Moon

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Anyone who knows me, knows I have an affinity for creepy things. Maybe it’s because I grew up on classic horror films. Maybe it’s because I’m just a morbid bastard. The why doesn’t really matter… I’ve often said that I’d pay extra for a haunted house. It’s true. I would. So when I see a […]

Guns, Crabs, “That’s not cutting a rug”, Dancing, Homeless Jesus, and SCIENCE!

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Today’s stream of stuff, plus a few from over the weekend… the most popular of which was quite the discussion about the Second Amendment. I’m at the computer far later than I’ve been trying to be lately. Mostly because I was at a Silver Spring Citizens’ Advisory Board meeting earlier in the evening. That always […]