Crawfish Boil, Taste the World, Star Wars Day, Church and State, and a whole lot of other stuff

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This past weekend was a busy one. Some friends of mine had their second annual crawfish boil. A day full of more food than you can sensibly eat. (Not that that stopped any of us from trying.) Also the requisite and assured good company of good friends. Really can’t beat that. Followed that up on […]

Some Good News, Some Bad News, and Some Outright Crazy Stuff (You know, as usual)

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Kicked off my day this morning with an off-site meeting and then capped it off with two other meetings that popped up out of nowhere. Which, of course, lead to a mad dash to get stuff done… and a list of things that will get in the way of a nice, leisurely Friday in the […]

More Than a Little Art, A Call to Action for Net Neutrality, Some New Entertainment, and Awesome Science

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I often say that I’m not a music person–mainly because I’m not… at least not like a lot of other people I know how eat, breath, sleep, and generally live music. I enjoy music, but I don’t particularly seek it out or obsess over it. What I┬ádo like, though, is a solid performance. Of anything. […]