Shocking Lightning, Soggy Bears, Militarized Police, Turing Test Fudge, Really Questionable Politics, and an End to Board Cheese

I’m pretty open about the fact that I have a number of issues with the politicians who run the country, supposedly in our name. This has been the case through at least two decades at this point. Today there’s a story about a state senator from Virginia who’s resigning from his position. Ostensibly in order […]

Food, Real Heroes, Diversity in Comics, Movie Trailers, Net Neutrality, and some Randomness

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It was a busy weekend. One that probably should have been busier, as I still didn’t get everything accomplished that I wanted to. Almost caught up now… almost. My college and my home town have both made the feed recently. The first for being named “geekiest” by (DC) local nerd mecca Think Geek. The second […]

Eastern Standard Time rockin’ the ska beats at Taste the World in Fenton Village

This band is just great. And everyone has been enjoying the food at the event. More info at

Izzy Lemons kicks things off at Taste the World in Fenton Village

The music has started and the passports are out. Time foe people to star chowing down on a wide variety of great food all over Fenton Village. More info at

Tasty stuff at party two!

Easter cupcakes (among other things). 🙂