A Weekend’s Worth of Amusement (Offset by Some Real World News)

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It’s been a little trying here in the real world. Lots of not-so-great things going on if you pay attention to the news. More not-so-great things going on for some people I give a damn about. ANd my own feelings of utter stagnation really aren’t helping any. So… To The Internet! There’s no shortage of […]

The Doctor, The Terminator, The Panic, and The MacGuffin

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The first thing I noted this morning as I scrolled through the first screen or so of my Facebook feed was the plethora of Doctor Who posts. I mean, I have a lot of friends who are fans of the good Doctor, so I regularly see a few posts mentioning him every day. But this […]

Awesomecon Flashback, Modified Mario, Elegance, Ramone-less, and Various Other Bits of Stuff from the Weekend

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The weekend wasn’t anywhere near as productive as it should have been. Sure, I finished off another canceled series or two from my Hulu queue and finally got around to a couple of movies I’ve been meaning to watch for years. Even read things that weren’t being displayed on a screen (I think we call […]

More than a few days worth of stuff (Including science, cats, politics, Fathers Day, and a whole lot of Johnny Cash)

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Not much of an intro today. It was a low-key weekend (after the out-way-too-late game night, at least) and a busy Monday. It’s going to be hot and humid the rest of the week. Can’t say I care much for that combination. Hopefully, the A/C unit can handle it. Anyway, on with the catch-up feed…

Community News, Wolverine, a lot of Culture Talk, Some Science, a Little Food, and The Wonder Years Reunion

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I was asked in a comment stream today why I post (or, technically, share… since other people have found most of them first) the articles I do, especially about the whole misogynist culture stuff that’s really being talked about a lot right now. The answer is simple: Awareness needs to grow. I know far too […]