That one? Again? Turn it up!

If you read the first post in this whole series, you know that I really don’t consider myself a “music person.” As such, I really don’t listen to music a lot. I can go weeks without hearing more than just whatever other people are listening to on the bus. (Because, really, half of them don’t […]

I’m Not Crying, Must be Onions Somewhere

Look, I’m not saying that you’re definitely not human if there isn’t at least one song that makes you cry. I’m just saying that if there isn’t, you may be an android impostor or heartless alien replacement pod person. Much like there are songs that brighten days, there are more than a few that can bring us down. […]

Turn That Frown Upside Down

Music triggers memories and emotions. Some are near universal in the emotion department. Not always–personal experience can make the happiest song something that brings tears, and something oh-so-maudlin trigger giggles. Sometimes the joy is in sharing the song with others. Other times it’s just enjoying it all on your own. But these prompts aren’t about […]

Firewater and Such

If I were more punk, I’d say I’m pretty straight edge. But I’m nowhere near punk enough to get away with using that term anywhere real punks could hear it. So let’s just say I don’t drink and I don’t smoke stuff. That’s just how it’s always been. I’m the one who remembers what goes […]

Pedal to the Metal

Ah, the open road. It calls with a cry so specifically American. Lauded and romanticized in writing, film, television, and music for decades. (Pretty much since there were cars to drive.) I remember when the soundtrack for driving long distances required either a satchel of cassette tapes or playing the “Gee, let’s see what kind […]