Pedal to the Metal

Ah, the open road. It calls with a cry so specifically American. Lauded and romanticized in writing, film, television, and music for decades. (Pretty much since there were cars to drive.) I remember when the soundtrack for driving long distances required either a satchel of cassette tapes or playing the “Gee, let’s see what kind […]

You Make Me Feel Like…

I’ve never been much of a dancer. There are more than a few reasons for that. General lack of coordination. Near complete lack of interest in getting better coordinated for dancing. These days, lack of desire in general. And even when I was hitting the dance floor on a regular basis, I can’t really say […]

This One Goes to Eleven

When I first glanced at this list, I thought, “Oh! That fifth one should be easy! Especially after that fourth one!” And then I realized that my criteria for cranking a song is, more or less, if I recognize it or not. So… that really didn’t narrow things down much at all. Since, y’know, I’m […]

And You Would Be…?

If the last few of these were tricky, this one especially is. Why? Because it specifically asks about something I just don’t do. I know it’s common practice–even recommended at times–but, well, I made a lot of choices in my life a long time ago to not follow a number of those normal rules. By […]

And the Livin’ is Easy

Long ago, summer actually means something. It was really different from the rest of the year. There was no school. There were no responsibilities. And not having to be home until sundown meant a lot longer to wander aimlessly. Since I grew up in the woods, sundown wasn’t even always the curfew… and the warmer […]