Not Unlike Everything Else I’ve Mentioned

I’m realizing as I go on and try to put songs to the prompts from this list that it’s likely I’m well outside the typical “target market” for this extended meme. Not just because of my “advanced” age (in Internet Years), but because of where I grew up and the access (or lack thereof) I […]

No, Not the Original… The Better One

Some songs get covered by a whole lot of people. Very often, they don’t hold a candle to the original. Sometimes, the people who praise them aren’t aware there was an original. Sometimes I wonder if the bands doing the covers ever heard the original of what they’re covering. And sometimes, because of my sporadic music […]

This’ll Never Get Used

Most music for me is distinct soundtrack fodder. I tend to take a narrative view of life, and that lends itself well to movie-like metaphors. Things happen in scenes and sequences. There’s a thread that connects things (whether there actually is or not… y’know, it’s in all in how you watch some movies). And, of […]

Decades Are Such Arbitrary Things

Today’s prompt is far too easy. So easy, in fact, that I’ve already done it in numerous previous updates. This should be a reminder that most of these lists that go around are made by people much younger than me. People who think at least half of the decades I’ve lived through are some sort […]

That Was a Long Time Ago…

If you’ve been paying attention here, you know that I tend to keep music around in my life for a long time. The list gets added to slowly… and sporadically. There’s no smooth curve of “new stuff” and definitely no real delineation for “old stuff”, especially by decades. Most of my current music is my past […]