A Hundred Days of Ideas

In attempting to keep the “plan” for this vlog thing as minimalist as possible (in order to prevent perfection paralysis on my part), I’m not really putting together an editorial calendar. Sure, once October rolls around, I’ll likely be talking about “seasonal” things (like Halloween, ghosts, and horror films). And when we pass through November […]

Something New for a Hundred Days

Despite outward appearances to the contrary, the last few years really haven’t been all that great. For a while, I’ve been more than a bit lost. Just kind of drifting about, coasting on momentum built up in years past but, really, just running on fumes. It is, in a word, unpleasant. In a few more […]

The State of the Empire and a Special Offer

Apparently, it’s been a very long time since I’ve done a proper “State of the Empire” update. Let me explain why in one word: Chaos. It has been absolutely crazy around here in the past year or so. Upheaval in just about every direction you look. I’ve changed apartments, changed jobs (more on that in […]