The State of the Empire

The last time I did one of these was back in 2011. Back then there was a lot of wild change going on. That wild change got a little out of hand and, well, it really hasn’t been worth looking at the state of the good ol’ Durosian Empire since then. It’s pretty much been […]

One Hundred Days Left…

Okay, today’s the day the first vlog entry is going to go live. It’ll be later tonight, after I get home from work and, uh, shoot it. We’ll see how long that kind of schedule lasts before I decide it’s just a bad idea. (Probably a week or less, I’m guessing.) I’ll be posting it […]

A Hundred Eyes?

If I haven’t made it clear enough, I purposefully don’t have a lot of expectations for this 100 Days of Vlogging project. It’s akin to just throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. If anything sticks┬áreally well, it may be something I do a lot more with. At the absolute […]

The Minimalist Hundred Day Plan

As I’ve mentioned, one of the key things I’m trying to overcome with all this is my case of perfection paralysis. It’s something that’s kept me from doing a lot of things, and really slowed me down with a lot of others. Thankfully, it hasn’t caused any┬áreal problems for me, because I’m pretty good about […]

A Hundred Ways This is Uncomfortable

Don’t panic, I’m not actually going to list all 100 (or so). Depending on how well you know me, it may seem a little odd that doing this vlog project is something that’s outside of my comfort zone. Maybe you’ve seen me “hold court” among a group of friends or strangers, going on, at length […]