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As I mentioned last time, I try to do something in the last 100 days of a year. This time around, it’s nothing terribly specific, more a mundane determination to just get some lingering things done than any grand plans.

One of those things was cleaning up my web hosting a bit.

See, a bunch of years ago, when I was planning on doing a lot of freelance work, I bought a reseller account. In short, that means I have a lot of web space. I won’t say “more than I could ever use” because, well, I have enough ideas that I could probably fill it up. But definitely more than I currently have any use for.

Not having any use for the space doesn’t mean I plan on getting rid of it. Nope. I’m still hosting sites for friends and I really like having the ability to, whenever I want, just spin up a new shared hosting account for any project I want.

Heck, I’ve spun up more than a few accounts.

Accounts I never really did anything with.

Accounts for former clients who haven’t used my services in years.

Accounts that I can’t quite tell you what I was thinking when I set them up.

Over the last five days, I wiped nine of those accounts, flagged two more that I need to double-check on to make sure they’re not being used by anyone, and fully disconnected a domain name from a service I stopped paying for ages ago, but was apparently still serving the mostly empty site (I kept getting notices of WordPress updating and of spam comments).

That cleans up the management interface of my hosting account, stops useless update emails from coming in, removes out of date installs of things, and generally just makes better use of resources all around.

So, that’s progress.

Rollin’ Dice

Aside from that bit of digital clean up, I’ve managed to continue running a couple of role playing games. For the first time in years, I’ve got games running mostly regularly. In the last few months, I’ve managed ten sessions of one–which, compared to the last game I tried to run, is amazing (that one took me a year and a half to run ten sessions)–and six of the other.

The big difference? I’m running these games on… so it’s all online in a virtual tabletop setting. That means no one has to travel to get to my table, which opens up the possibility to play during the week. Seems that’s the key.

Even better, people seem to be really enjoying the games. Always nice when you’re running a new system for the first time and your players haven’t played in the system much (if at all) either.

The games are using the Apocalypse World rules. I’m realizing now that I’ve probably been a little too forgiving and generally nice for Apocalypse World. Have no fear, I’m getting meaner. 😉

Mostly it’s just good to have a regular creative outlet again.


Not bad for the first five days out of 100.

Up next is October. Which means some Halloween flavored things. Possibly the re-launch of my Hat From Hell site. And the Spooky Game Day I’m hosting here at my apartment. (Which means I really need to clean and rearrange things.)

How are the last 100 days of the year going for you?

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