That Was a Long Time Ago…

Mickey Mouse Disco, Macho Duck, Album CoverIf you’ve been paying attention here, you know that I tend to keep music around in my life for a long time.

The list gets added to slowly… and sporadically. There’s no smooth curve of “new stuff” and definitely no real delineation for “old stuff”, especially by decades.

Most of my current music is my past music.

That’s just how it is.

Which makes today’s prompt and tomorrow’s prompt a bit… odd.

A song from your preteen years

My preteen years kind of cover a lot of music that really came into its own (for me) later in life. There were a lot of things that came out in my preteen years that, while I heard them back then, I didn’t have a full appreciation for until I was in my post-teen years. (Or, at least, mid-teen years.)

So I’m going to take this to mean “Kids’ Songs” or something like that.

Which means you get this “gem” of a promo that Disney did back at the tail end of the 79s.

Yes, I’m talking about Macho Duck off of the “classic” Mickey Mouse Disco album.

Chances are, if you’re much younger than I am, you wouldn’t even know such a thing exists. But, lo and behold, it’s still there on the shelf with the other albums. I have vague memories of the day we bought this. I don’t remember if I asked for it to be bought. But, well, it was on the shelf in the store, then it was in our cart, and now we’ve had it for near 40 years.

It is, in a word, “special.”

The album as a whole has some reworkings of classic Disney fare to a disco beat.

Macho Duck, though, is effectively a parody of The Village People’s Macho Man and it is just as ridiculous as it sounds. Did I mention it’s sung in part by Donald Duck?

I know this got played on numerous occasions. I’m sure single-digit me asked for it to be played more than a few of those times. Maybe I enjoyed it back then… the same does not hold true today.

Unlike most of the music in my life, this is definitely one that doesn’t make yesterday’s “Never Gets Old” list. I can say with some high degree of certainty that until just now I haven’t even heard this in decades.

And now you get to hear it, too.

Welcome to the Disco Inferno circle of marketing hell.

Runners Up

  • Carole & Paula, The Hello Song (Theme From The Magic Garden) – I grew up watching this show. It may have a thing or two to do with my fondness for kind of quirky people with long hair. Maybe. Many years after this show was on, one of the hosts (I can’t remember which one) was brought as a musical guest to the summer program I taught swimming lessons at. It was kind of surreal.
  • Josie and the Pussycats, Theme to Josie and the Pussycats – Growing up, I watched a lot of TV. Reruns of old cartoons (and not so old cartoons) were staples of Saturday mornings, even after the toy companies kicked their marketing-based animation sweatshops into full gear. Josie and crew (both on Earth and in space) were favorites of mine. Still are. And yes, I loved the live action movie, too.
  • Some Muppets, Mahna Mahnam – You really can’t go wrong with Muppets. Not in the 70s and 80s, at least. This super catchy tune is one that’s been stuck in my head pretty much my entire life because of these guys.
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