That one? Again? Turn it up!

The Doors, Strange Days, album coverIf you read the first post in this whole series, you know that I really don’t consider myself a “music person.”

As such, I really don’t listen to music a lot. I can go weeks without hearing more than just whatever other people are listening to on the bus. (Because, really, half of them don’t use headphones and the other half have the music turned up so loud I can make out the lyrics.)

Over the years, the only time I’ve heard music regularly is when I was driving around locally… and even that was mostly in 10-20 minutes hops.

So this prompt gets a little tricky…

A song you never get tired of

The long and the short of it is: I don’t listen to enough music to get tired of most songs, ever.

There have been a few over the years that wore out their welcome for one reason or another. Usually because they were overplayed on the radio. In some cases to ridiculous levels. (Once time, on a long trip where we only had the radio, we hit the same song on three different stations at almost exactly the same time… there’s some network placement, for sure.)

So when it comes to any given song that I never get tired of… I really have nowhere to go with that. Since, y’know, that pretty much encompasses all the music I own and most of the music I’ve ever heard.

Not a small list.

Which leaves us with, I don’t know, a grab bag approach?

Sure, let’s go with that…

The Doors’ Strange Days is an alum I own and a song I’ve listened to a lot over the years. Especially back in the day when I was hanging out with the other miscreants and outcasts in my home town.

Like most teenager since forever, I felt like a bit of an outcast. Like many teenagers since the late 60s, The Doors music kind of spoke to some of the weird, proto-goth, not-quite-psychedelic feeling of “otherness” that I was rocking.

Not I know a lot of teens who were into the doors get all faux intellectual about the crafting of the lyrics and can go on and on about how Jim Morrison is the greatest ever… but… I never felt drawn to do that. For me, it was just another hint that there were, indeed, somewhere out there, people with ideas I could relate to more than I generally could with the people in my home town.

Even today, when I have firmly and near completely surrounded myself with people I challenge and support me in all the right ways, I still return to the songs on this album–and this one in particular–to remind myself how near-impossible it once felt to find a place where I at least kind of fit.

Also, I do really dig the lyrics, and the weird flow of the music (and the album as a whole).

Runners Up

  • Weird Al Yankovic, The Saga Begins – I’m a Star Wars fan. I’m a classic rock fan. I’m a Weird Al fan. This song definitely never gets old. And it may be the best thing to come out of the prequels…
  • They Might Be Giants, Birdhouse in Your Soul – Most things by TMBG never get old. This one never gets old and never fails to bring up a number of fun memories. Also, their dancing in this video makes mine look less awkward.
  • Talking Heads, Once in a Lifetime – Did you ever ask yourself if this song’s been played enough yet? I haven’t. Always happy to hear it. And, man, is that video 80s-tastic, or what?
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