Decades Are Such Arbitrary Things

Pirates of Penzance, featuring Tim Curry, Program coverToday’s prompt is far too easy.

So easy, in fact, that I’ve already done it in numerous previous updates.

This should be a reminder that most of these lists that go around are made by people much younger than me. People who think at least half of the decades I’ve lived through are some sort of exotic past, lost to the ages.

Yeah… not so much.

Since I don’t do things the easy way most of the time, why be different with this one?

A song you like from the 70s

Oh, “The 70s” you say? Sure. I can do that.

There’s a decade like that every century or so.

A lot of them have had music.

Some of it was kind of famous.

You like pirates? I’ve got you covered here.

No, it’s not one of the really, really old sea shanties or anything like that. It’s something that’s been done hundreds of times over the years. Often by people who are famous now.

And it’s just barely a “70s” thing. (It was first publicly performed on New Years Eve, 1879.)

I could have picked any number of songs from this particular production. A number of them are recognizable. And there are one or two that I share on a semi-regular basis because I just love the way they flow.

While trying to decide, I stumbled across this particular version of this particular song, which I hadn’t ever seen before. It’s got a number of awesome things in it aside from the song itself.

Here, have Tim Curry performing Gilbert & Sullivan’s I am a Pirate King, from The Pirates of Penzance. (One of my favorite fun plays… and not a bad movie, either.)

I will literally watch Tim Curry in anything. Especially when he was in his prime. Toss in comedy pirates and a good song… well, how could I not? Having it be a Gilbert & Sullivan show just makes it even better.

Runners Up

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Symphony No. 11 D Major – I also grew up with a number of classic music albums on the record player. Couldn’t tell you if this was one, but it was one of Mozart’s big ones in the 1770s.
  • Wiilie Sutherland, I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen – This one isn’t so much about the singer as it is the song. (And, yes, it’s another 1870s jam… that was a good decade for music, makes me wonder what the 2070s will be like). This one in particular is notable because it showed up on an episode of the original Star Trek series. You remember, don’t you? When Kevin Reilly locked himself in Engineering and was serenading everyone over the ship comm system? In The Naked Time episode. (The same one that gave us an oiled-up shirtless Sulu with a fencing foil. Yeah, you probably remember that part better…)
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