Unboxing Myth

Over the last couple of years, I’ve backedĀ a lot of games on Kickstarter. Now they’re starting to roll in.

The expansion to Myth was the second game I backed from Megacon Games. While that expansion is still in the production phase, I did get another hunk of my perk from that campaign: the original game, with the updated material (fixing a bunch of play issues and introducing some of the add-on material mechanics). That showed up the other day.

It’s kind of a big box. Getting it home on the bus was… awkward.

Again, this is a game I’ve never played (though it is sitting up high on a shelf at the monthly game night I go to), but I really like what I’ve seen, especially with the “part 2” of the game (and, uh, so many expansions) on the way.

Today’s vlog, of course, is all about opening up the Myth box.

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