Stir of Echoes: Working Class Horror

When it came out back in 1999, Stir of Echoes was high on my list of horror films to see.

First, it had Kevin Bacon in it. He’s always awesome.

Second, it was based on a story by Ricahrd Matheson. He’s also always awesome.

Mostly, though, it was because it looked interesting and stylish. Which is most certainly is.

It’s horror grounded in reality. It’s also one of the best presentations of psychic powers and how a regular person would deal with them that I’ve seen. The disbelief, fear, panic, resignation, and then acceptance of the task his character has been put is played perfectly by Bacon.

What I didn’t realize until just rewatching it the other night is that it’s got Jennifer Morrison (from House and, more recently, Once Upon a Time) in it as the victim and Liza Weil (currently on How to Get Away With Murder, but formerly on Gilmore Girls… a connection I hadn’t realized, but which explains why I kept thinking she looked familiar on her current show) as a babysitter directly connected to the tragedy.

Solid performances all around and more style than you can shake a stick at. Definitely my kind of movie.

Listen to me go on a bit about it in today’s vlog.

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