On Longevity

This past weekend, Dick Van Dyke turned 90.

Fans celebrated by showing up outside of where he was showing and putting on a big show of classic Disney Mary Poppins tuns. He was singing along from the balcony and, later, came down to join everyone else for pictures and some more singing and dancing.

It was really great to see him still going so strong. 90 is a good, long run… and to still be singing and dancing, well, that’s even better.

You can check that out here.

This weekend was also my grandfather’s 90th birthday. He was never much of a singer and dancer (as far as I know), but he’s still going strong. Working a few days a week, going out with the family every now and then, pretty much most of what he’s been doing for decades. Including smoking cigars and drinking Jack.

Longevity is kind of an awesome thing when it’s accompanied with quality.

In today’s vlog, I go on a bit about both these guys (but the important one is my grandfather).

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