Button Smash! (November’s ComicBento)

Another month, another box of comics from ComicBento.

November’s theme was “button smash” so everything is a video game tie-in of some sort.

Right on the top of the pile was Penny Arcade’s Attack of the Bacon Robots from Dark Horse.

Then there was the Archie Comics’ Sonic The Hedgehog and MegaMan: Worlds Collide, which looks like it’s geared more for the younger crowd, but I’m willing to give it a chance.

Another Dark Horse collection, Tomb Raider: Season of the Witch, which looks pretty solid.

My personal favorite, though, is the little collection of the classic three-issue limited series from Marvel in the early 80s: Contest of Champions (I remember when this was brand new, it was right before I started buying everything Marvel put out).

Of course, I still haven’t finished reading last month’s comics… or the ones from September… I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have the same comic book habit I used to back in the day. I’d never catch up.

Looks like next month’s theme is “Throwback”… which should be plenty awesome, since it’ll likely feature even more stuff I remember.

You can watch me dig into this box in today’s vlog.

Don’t forget that you have some say over what goes on for the next 100 days… click the big green button below here to get to the page where you can submit topic suggestions and questions (so I know what kinds of things you want to see go on in these videos).

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