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I’m a bit lazy. Especially when it comes to doing things for just myself.

Cooking is one of those things that I’ve always had a bit of a problem getting excited about. Mostly because I’m usually just cooking for myself… which leads to a lot of leftovers… which means I don’t have to cook all that much.

I do, however, like to make some fancy food every now and then. It’s been an acquired skill that started as a way to save money. Now, every so often, it gets used to entertain other people. (Something I really should try to get back to.)

Food, in general, is something that really comes into play this time of year. All the holiday parties are excuses to whip up something new (or trot out an old favorite) to share with friends and family.

Today in the vlog, I just kind of ramble on about food. But what I really want to know is: what are your favorite recipes or food traditions for the holidays?

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