Thanksgiving on TV

One thing about holiday seasons: they lead to a bunch of stuff on TV.

Four of my favorite things that come on this time of year (in no particular order) have been around for a while. Still, every year, I get a certain kick out of catching even pieces of them. Those are what I talk about in today’s vlog.

Here are some pertinent links, so you can share in the fun (if you’re not already familiar with these holiday classics).

  • Friends – This show had a few pretty awesome Thanksgiving episodes. The bit where Joey gets the turkey stuck on his head? Fantastic. The football game? Pretty darn funny. Always worth checking out.
  • WKRP in Cincinnati – One of my favorite shows from back in the day, the WKRP Turkey Drop episode has certainly stuck with me, and many others, ever since it first aired. Definitely one of the funniest–and most horrific–sequences ever in a sitcom.
  • Addams Family Values – If you haven’t seen the Camp Chippewa Thanksgiving play sequence, you really need to. It’s full of fun, sadistic, glee.

The final thing is the long-running Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is always full of the most American kitsch and spectacle you can find. Back in 2008, it lead to the Rick Rolling of pretty much all the U.S. (while the on-air commentators were completely oblivious to the joke).

So, yeah, take a few minutes and watch me geek out over these things.

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