Continuing After a Vacation

There are a lot of reboots going on in Hollywood these days.

Dipping into old properties is nothing new–just look at how many versions of Dracula and Frankenstein and Hamlet there are–but it would seem like we’re currently in an upswing. A lot of them aren’t that great, just lame grabs at former glory and attempts to capitalize on nostalgia.

That’s not to say that they aren’t successful… they’re just not all that good often.

So it was no real surprise when it was announced there’d be a new film in the National Lampoon’s Vacation series.

This one’s not a reboot, though. It’s a straight up continuation, picking up a few decades after the last film with Rusty Griswold now the patriarch of his own family. This is the story of his family’s vacation, one that switches up their normal holiday for an attempt to recapture some fun and excitement.

What they get, of course, is a bunch of utter ridiculousness. Like father, like son.

The bulk of what I have to say about the movie itself is in the vlog, check that out.

It’s nice to see a revival of a franchise that doesn’t try to start from scratch. Even better to see one that knows how ridiculous of a thing it’s attempting and addresses it directly. Lots of little homages to the old film, lots of new stuff, too, to keep things fresh.

Of course, a half-naked Chris Hemsworth with a comically large *ahem* “hammer” certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

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