A New Trek?

TV is kind of a hobby of mine.

I’ve been watching with great interest as platforms like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Hulu have started producing original content that’s been pretty top-notch… and in some cases at least on par with the best of HBO.

I’ve also been watching as the classic networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, and their younger siblings FOX and CW) have struggled to figure out how to make the new platforms work for them. (Vaguely ironic, since it was all of those networks that founded Hulu.)

CBS seems to have the biggest plan of them all, and it involves them more or less going it alone. As part of that, they’ve started their own subscription-based streaming service, CBS All Access. Needless to say, people aren’t exactly beating down their door to throw $6 a month at them.

So it’s not all that surprising that they’re going to try to leverage their Star Trek property to try to get subscribers.

Except, I really don’t see this working. And that’s what I talk about in today’s vlog.

What I don’t mention is the way they really should be doing this: by partnering with Netflix or Amazon or Hulu (or even YouTube) to make this happen. Revenue share, have ads, whatever, people will watch this if it’s on a platform they’re already on. Even better if it’s one like Netflix with a solid reputation of good stuff. Second best would be just keeping it on the regular broadcast distribution like a regular show.

Anyway, check out my opinion and share yours if you have one.

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