Wherein Transportation Conspires Against Me

Yeah, something super-short today because there’s no way, having gotten home after 10:30 p.m., I could have anything longer or more put together tonight.

I did make it to tonight’s film at the Spooky Movie Festival. I missed the first 10 minutes of it and didn’t have a chance to eat until, uh, now, but I made it.

I got out of work at my normal time (about 20 after 5-ish) and that first bus showed up as usual and got me to the Metro station. The train showed up and got me a few stops down to where I was supposed to catch the next bus to take me to AFI in Silver Spring. It’s kind of an express bus, so it moves a little faster than the other route that goes to the same station.

Well, the “other” route buses (yes, two in a row, at the same time) showed up late and I could have caught them. But, I figured, that other one–the quicker one–would be there in a less time than I’d lose on the other route… so I let them go without me.

Then five minutes passed.

Then ten minutes passed.

Then fifteen minutes passed.

(Buses run during rush hour in 20-30 minute rotations…)

Then the next run of the route I’d let go showed up. So I got on that.

And promptly sat in traffic for another 10 minutes before we were even half-way anywhere. Which put me still on the bus–and nowhere near my destination–when I would have been arriving from the buses I’d let go.

I got to the theater ten minutes after the movie started, so I missed the very beginning. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to have ruined the whole film, as it was pretty solid all the way through.

You’ll get a full review of that tomorrow… ish… (assuming I can shoot it tonight after I eat)

For now, here’s today’s super short vlog on the run, recorded live at the Silver Spring Metro station.

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