Unboxing Blood Rage

So many games with miniatures coming my way… this is the first one: Blood Rage.

Of course, you don’t get a good look at most of the minis… I’d need a completely different setup for that. And they’re probably best illustrated by stills, anyway. (Maybe still just like what they did on the Kickstarter page.) They are very nice minis, at least compared to what I’m used to in a number of other board games I’ve played over the years. They’re plastic, with enough flexibility to not break and enough hardness to hold their shape and feel good and solid.

I bought into this game because I totally dig the style–the art and the sculpts and the general plot are all fantastic. Since it’s a 60-90 minute game, I may even be able to drag it to Game Night and get people to play it. Or, y’know, hold my own game day again. Either way, it doesn’t seem prohibitively complex rules-wise. (I’ll know more when I do get around to playing it.)

I’ve seen some pics online of painted versions of these Vikings, gods, and monsters and it really tempts me to try to dress them up a little. Over the past few months, I’ve watched a few painting tutorials online (because I have so many games with so many minis coming my way) and I’m not sure I have the patience for it. Guess we’ll see as time goes on. (It’s not like I have any shortage of friends who know more about painting than I do…)

So, yeah, Blood Rage, it showed up on time, looks awesome, and I own it (and all the expansion stuff) now. Cool.

Here’s the vlog where you can get a quick look at things.

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